September 29, 2007

MummyWrap protects unborn babies in womb from cellphone radiation

mummy2blackandwhite.jpg reports on special clothing designed for pregnant women that claims to protect their unborn babies from cellphone radiation.

"Neil Bullock developed the MummyWrap,a sleeveless, loose-fitting garment for pregnant women made from a light-weight copper-based cotton fabric known as Swiss Shield.

"We do not suggest the garment will totally protect unborn babies, but it will certainly minimise the risk from EMR." said Bullock.

New Zealand National Radiation Laboratory scientific adviser Owen Kilgour said there was no scientific conclusion either way on whether EMR was a risk to babies in the womb.

While the fabric would offer some protection against high-frequency radiation like cellphones and appliances, it would not protect against low-frequency magnetic fields that were the main concern with power lines.

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