August 24, 2007

Police: Crime Tip Texting System Working Well

We read about these projects, but it's good to hear actual feedback. Boston police say their new plan to use text messaging to make streets safer is now paying off in a big way, reports The Boston Channel.

"Officials told the Boston Herald that police have received 230 crime tip text messages since June. That's compared to only about 10 telephone tips per month.

-- Police said they received a text message just minutes after the stabbing death of Adam Rich, 26, at the Six House bar in South Boston back in June. The suspect in that case is now awaiting trial.

-- Police are also crediting a texted tip with helping them get to the bottom of the case in the shooting death of Laquarrie Jefferson, 8, whose mother initially said her son was killed in a home invasion. A text message to police, however, soon revealed that the real shooter in the accident was the child's 8-year-old cousin.

-- The texting program has also helped police crack down on a number of drug rings. To text police, callers only have to text the word "tip" and then C-R-I-M-E, which is 2-7-4-6-3."

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