August 20, 2007

EU study reveals children's online and mobile habits

_41747148_texting203.jpg Europe's children are internet and mobile savvy and are well aware of the possible risks, according to a new survey by the European Commission, reports IT Week.

"The latest Eurobarometer survey (PDF) interviewed children aged 9-10 and 12-14 across all 27 EU member states, and in Norway and Iceland.

The researchers found remarkable homogeneity in internet and mobile usage from country to country, but greater variation among age group and gender.

All age groups and genders surveyed use the internet to help with homework, but mostly they use it for online games and recreational surfing. They also use the internet and their mobiles to communicate with friends, but rarely with strangers.

... They are well aware of the problems of viruses, hackers, paedophiles and online scams, and most claim that threatening text messages are no different to any other form of bullying and admit to being victims and perpetrators.

SMS is seen as children's most private medium. As one 14 year-old summarised: "You phone your parents, but you text your friends."

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