July 17, 2007

Heavy-armour rampage silences mobile phones

tankman_wideweb__470x297,0.jpg File under cell phone rage, big time. According to the Times Online, a man who believed that his health had been damaged by mobile phone signals led a convoy of police cars and onlookers across western suburbs of Sydney as he used a 15-ton armored personnel carrier to flatten seven phone towers.

"John Patterson, a former employee of Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, took the former British Army Trojan APC from its owner’s tow company in western Sydney.

He drove the vehicle – which resembles a tracked tank and has a replica cannon – on a rampage across six suburbs, which left a large part of Sydney temporarily without a mobile-phone signal.

... Mr Patterson, 45, a divorced father, had been a good employee who was bitter about his treatment at the hands of his former employer, Telstra. “He used to work for Telstra and he told us he was going through a medical claim for his head injury,” Greg Morris said.

“He said something about the radiation from the mobile phone towers as having been a cause of it,” he added.

Image from The Sydney Morning Herald.

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