June 2, 2007

Reactee Custom T-shirts Invite Cellphone Messages

giz_shirt.jpg Spotted on Gizmodo, a T-shirt by Reactee, that lets people respond to a custom slogan printed on the T-shirt.

"First, you visit the company's website and enter your slogan and a keyword to be placed on your shirt such as "Am I a dork?" or "Obama for President". At that site, you also enter the message that those responding to your slogan will receive.

Wait a week or so for your custom t-shirt with your chosen slogan and keyword printed on it to be delivered to you, and then wear it out in public.

Anyone who sees your T-shirt can react to your slogan by texting the keyword you placed on the shirt and calling 41411. They'll get a response containing that message you entered at the company's website.


-- Flirt with an SMS T-shirt - Rome based T-shirt maker Shyno is selling t-shirts each emblazoned with a unique SMS code. So if you see someone you fancy, you go to Shyno SMS site and send the person a message.


-- Smart Jeans display scrolling text message - French Uranium-Jeans, allow customers to customize their jeans, thanks to embedded flexible micro screens that display scrolling text messages. The small screen comes in different colors and displays customized messages that can either be downloaded from the brand's website or from the customer's cell phone by text messaging.


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