May 8, 2007

Headlines from WatchingTV Online - Textually's new blog

Some headlines from WatchingTV Online today - Textually's new blog that follows the many news ways of watching TV on the Internet.

-- A new online TV channel - with Jeff Jarvis for their first big exclusive - an interview with presidential candidate Fred Thompson right after the Republican debate [buzzMachine]

-- The HD DVD Unlocking T-Shirt - You can rest assured knowing that its safely on your chest [Gizmodo]

-- Britain's Blair uses YouTube to congratulate Sarkozy - Blair opens YouTube channels in English and French to congratulate newly elected French president Nicolas Sarkozy, [USA Today / Londonist]

-- U.S. babies watching TV - About 90 percent of U.S. children under age 2 and as many as 40 percent of infants under three months are regular watchers of television, DVDs and videos. []

-- CNN: No restrictions on presidential debate footage - CNN became first news network to say it will remove all restrictions on footage of future presidential debates. [NewTeeVee]

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