April 29, 2007

Woman wear's headgear to protect herself from electronic smog

sarah.jpg Spotted on Spluch, a picture of Sarah, 51 - who is not a beekeper - but one of a growing number of people who claim to be experiencing extreme - and incapacitating - sensitivity to electrical appliances, as well as to certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves.

"Wi-Fi, or wireless broadband networks, seem to be the worst thing," she says. "Closely followed by mobile phones - particularly if they're being used in an enclosed space - the base stations of cordless telephones and mobile phone masts.

Her headgear is made from a special "shielding fabric".


-- Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims

-- I have to switch the mains off to get to sleep'

-- Mobiles, computers can cause "electrosensitivity"

-- Mobile mast effects to be studied

-- Mobiles, computers can cause "electrosensitivity"

-- Dutch study claims the next generation of mobile phone services can cause headaches and nausea

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