March 18, 2007

Another Elderphone

emporia-life-main.jpg A mobile phone with a built-in emergency button has been produced for elderly and older people, reports the BBC via Engadgetmobile.

"Created by Austrian firm Emporia, the LifePhone has been specifically developed for the older generation who find existing handsets too fiddly and complicated to use.

Instead of a camera or music player it has a loud speaker tuned for those who are either partially sighted or use a hearing aid, a big screen and buttons.

On show at the Cebit hi-tech fair, the phone will go on sale around the world in May."

Other elder phones:

-- Italian Designed phone for the elderly - Another simple cell phone for the elderly, designed by an Italian.

-- Czechs Making Cell Phones for Elderly - Targeting elderly customers, a Czech company has started manufacturing extra large cellular phones.

-- A cell phone for grandparents - Swiss mobile operator Orange launched a cell phone for the elderly, with just three colored buttons, called Mobi-Click.

-- Phones For Young and Old in South Korea - Korean Carriers have started to sell phones designed for the most overlooked demographics: the very young and the very old.

-- «The Elderphone» - Click Senior-Tel is a full-blown GSM phone for the elderly and confused - with just three buttons.

-- Start-up launches easy-to-use mobile phone - Mobi-Click is generating excitement with its new range of phones that work using just three button.

-- Seniors to be offered S`911-only' cell phones - Cell phones that dial only 911 will be given free to seniors in unincorporated Palm Beach County.

-- Finding the Right Handset For Older Cellphone Users - Currently, seniors make up about 15% of overall cellphone users".

-- Simplified Phones for the Elderly - Mobile telematics company Benefon launches a new cell phone called «Benefon Seraph», it's meant to be a "guardian angel" phone. Ultra simplified with only 3 buttons, it allows for direct dialing to predefined numbers.

-- Verilocation - A mobile phone tracker, Verilocation pinpoints a cell user's wherabouts. It is also expected to be of interest to domestic users; anyone who needs to locate someone such as an elderly relative travelling away from home, small children out on their own...

-- Donated phones can help seniors - Senior centers in Michigan are asking the community for phone donations to better arm elderly people during an emergency.

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