March 15, 2007

Cell Phones May Lead To Lower Fertility In Males

videoc.gif One third of infertility cases go unexplained and in the coming weeks, a leading infertility journal, "Fertility and Sterility", will be publishing a full report by Cleveland Clinic researchers, that blames cell phones for the problem. CBS5 reports.

"At the Reproductive Research Center, Dr. Ashok Agarwal and his team observed 350 men undergoing fertility treatment.

"Those men who used a cell phone for more than 4 hours per day had the biggest decrease in properties in sperm especially the count, quality, and quantity of the sperm," Dr. Agarwal said. "They are significantly impaired in these men."

"It's possible an electromagnetic wave could cause damage to genomic material in the sperm or the DNA, causing damage and cell death," Agarwal said".

Other studies with similar conclusions:

-- Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility - A US study which shows a worrying link between poor sperm and the number of hours a day that a man uses his mobile phone talking AND texting.

-- Mobile Phones Could Put Mens' Sperm Quality At Risk-Study - Men carrying a mobile phone in a hip pocket or in a belt holster could put their sperm quality at risk, according to a report by the U.K's Royal Society.

-- Survey: Exposure to mobile phones and sperm count - Hungarian researchers said that those who placed their mobile phones near their groin, on a belt or in a pocket, were at the greatest risk of having their sperm count reduced.

-- Mobile phone-like waves damage mice sperm - A preliminary study by Australian scientists has shown that radio waves similar to the frequency emitted by mobile phones can cause DNA damage to mice sperm.

-- Mobiles 'could cut male fertility' Radiation from the phones could cut the number of sperm a man has by a third, according to researchers from the University of Szeged in Hungary.

Clothing manufacturers take no chances:

-- Smart pants for Cell-Phone users - Singapore-based garment manufacturer Crocodile International, will be launching smart pants or "Radiguard' specialty trousers" for cell-phone buffs.

-- Not-so-hot pants keep cell phones cool - Levi Strauss announced the launch of a new Dockers' model with anti-radiation-lined pockets.

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