February 23, 2007

Cell phone recharges when you wave it around

kinetic-phone.jpg Mad4Mobiles has found a patent for a kinetic mobile phone, which charges itself using kinetic energy (i.e. you waving it around). Its best suited for people who move around in their jobs, as opposed to people who sit mostly at their desk.

[via Pocket Picks]


-- Charge your cell phone while you walk - A 19-year-old Indian from Himachal Pradesh has invented a pair of shoes fitted with an appartus, that charges a cell phone while you walk.

-- Muscle power of an albino Buffalo recharges cell phones - A buffalo in Thailand worked a few hours a day to lift a steel counterweight. Once freed the buffalo would lounge around the rice field and the mechanical energy stored was turned into electrical energy to power ten light bulbs, laptops, mobile phones.

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