February 3, 2007

101 Things To Do With A Mobile Phone In Healthcare

ds32acomplete_225x150.jpg In the not too distant future, doctors will be replaced by robots and patients will have advanced cell phones capable of screening for cancer, detecting MRSA, and monitoring wound healing. At least that is the opinion of the Wireless Health Care Report on the 101 medical uses of cell phones. Medgadget reports.

This report describes 101 examples of the use of wireless and mobile technology in healthcare. While some of the applications are speculative, for example a mobile device to detect MRSA, others, such as SMS based patient reminders, have already been deployed and are earning revenue for vendors.

10.1 Appointment Reminders (SMS)
10.2 Patient Support (SMS)
10.3 Medication Reminders (SMS)
10.4 Appointment Booking
10.5 Medical Data On SIM Card
10.6 Patient Information For Relatives
10.7 Peer Support For Patients
10.8 Post Cardiac Surgery Support
10.9 Accessing Patient Records
10.10 Access To Dietary Information

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