February 3, 2007

Cell phones used in war against drunk drivers

070202_911_vmed_12p.widec.jpg States are using highway message boards, road signs and public awareness campaigns to encourage motorists to dial 911 on their cell phones if they come across people who might be driving drunk, reports MSNBC. And if caught, motorists who are reporting a drunk driver, won't be fined for using their cell phone while driving as it would be considered an "emergency exception".

"The messages are expected to be used this weekend to guard against impaired driving tied to Super Bowl parties.

... Motorists can call in anonymously and are asked to describe the vehicle its license plate, make and model and color along with its location.

Some states also have cell phone hot lines to state law enforcement.

They recommend that motorists pull over before calling, but it typically falls under the emergency exception in states banning the use of handheld phones while driving."

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