January 9, 2007

This bicycle can charge a cellphone

350847250_14b88dc413_m.jpg Motorola will release a new, bicycle-powered cellphone charger aimed at Third World residents who lack regular household power supplies, reports The Vancouver Sun.

Picture left from Gigaomces' photos on flickr.

"For people living in emerging markets, energy is a scarcity," Motorola chief executive Ed Zander said Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show. "In Southeast Asia, rural China and Latin America, we can actually put this in, hook it up and charge this device while we are riding a bike."

Zander played up the device, by entering a packed auditorium at the Venetian Hotel on a bright yellow two-wheeler, to the music of Queen's Bicycle Race.

Zander said with the bicycle-wheel power source and handlebar mounted cradle, the phones will be even more attractive in emerging markets. Many people overseas live in areas where regular power feeds are scarce. As a result, simply charging a cellular phone becomes a problem.

With the bicycle charging system, Zander hopes to tap into the more than 500 million Chinese people who ride a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation.

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