January 4, 2007

New Generation Refrigerator To Detect What's Missing In It

0fridegs.jpgSouth Korean's Samsung Electronics plans to launch the device in 2008 or 2009 a new generation refrigerator, equipped with RFID, which detects when its contents are running low or approaching expiration dates, reports All Headlines News (via del.icio.us/konomi).

In addition to automatically sensing inventory needs such as when milk or juices run low, Samsung's refrigerator could even send a shopping list to its owner's cell phone or to the supermarket.

"We are working on refrigerators wired for RFID. Technologically speaking, there is no barrier to come up with the new items, " explained Samsung spokesman Chae Hee-kook. "The refrigerator will be able to connect to cell phones for various new-concept applications."

Moreover, the new generation device will also offer recipes using available food products.

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