December 8, 2006

Mobile Phones Made from Castor Oil

A catchy headline on Cellular News , mobile phones phones made from castor oil. The article doesn't say whether this is a cost saving component or an environmentally favorable option. Probably one or the other.

"Fujitsu says that it has developed a new polymer with a high bio-content that uses castor oil, which the company says could be used for small components of mobile phones, such as connector covers."

Other pioneering bio-phone technology, showcased at UK's Science Museum in March of this year:

-- The first UK display of NEC's phone with a biodegradeable cover‚ currently only available in Japan.

-- A a prototype phone cover with an implanted sunflower seed. As the sunflower grows‚ it gets additional nutrients from the biodegrading phone cover.

-- The only lasagne-based circuit board in the world.

-- An exploded phone showing how new smart metals will help phones take themselves apart for recycling.

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