December 8, 2006

Another Wireless Recharging Pad

wildchargesmall_270x226.jpg Wildcharge will be showcasing a wire-free electric power technology used to charge and power mobile consumer electronic devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2007 to be held in Las Vegas next January.

According to Crave, "Wildcharge is a flexible roll-up pad with a power adapter attached to one edge. The devices, which can even include laptops, then absorb their electrical charge wirelessly, the company says. "

Other wireless recharging mats:

-- Contactless recharging from DoCoMo - The system uses electromagnetic induction to send recharging electricity to the battery

-- One charging pad could power up all gadgets - In January 2005, a company called Splashpower announced it was working on a plastic pad the size of a mouse mat that would recharge phones and cameras by placing them on it.

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