December 3, 2006

The impact of GSM on Nigerians

MTN_kiosk.jpg Olusola Oyewola, is a subscriber of one of the cellular networks in Nigeria, and until very recently, a student of Federal University of Technology, Akure in Nigeria. He reports in Mobile Africa on "the many blessings the mobile telecommunication network has brought to Nigeria ever since its introduction in the country some few years back."

"It's brought about job creation: to both unskilled and trained personnel

It has encouraged self employment: Many have become their own boss by making calls available, by selling phones, accessories or recharge cards. All of which is easy to set up with little capital. Some GSM operators even make provision for installmental payments available to these new entrepreneurs with chairs, umbrellas and even phone sets at a reasonable price, as incentives.

In Lagos, brightly colored kiosks or big umbrellas and chairs are scattered all over, where call center customers can be attended to.

The fact that it manning a kiosk does not require any formal training has attracted many to the fast growing business and troubled areas of the country have their idle youths engage in constructive issues.

New areas of specialization have been added. Technicians are trained to fix problems related to mobile phone malfunctioning".

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