November 5, 2006

Blue Man Group show has a text message for you

hwotbe.jpg In Blue Man Groups second touring rock 'n' roll show, How to be a megastar, fans are not only permitted to use their cell phones to snap pictures of the performance, they're actually encouraged to do so. reports.

"And the troupe is taking interactivity to a new level. Blue Man Group is hoping its fans can take part and feel more directly involved in the tour performances.

The idea is to give audience members a way to use the text messaging features of their mobile phones to interact with the show's overarching storyline.

... Essentially, audience members are invited to proactively send text messages to the Mobkastr servers, which then feed back a series of messages throughout the performance. In a sense, the idea is that the entirety of the messages that flow back and forth comprise a game of sorts that give viewers additional meaning about the show."

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