October 9, 2006

The GSM-doorbell to remotely open your door

en17.jpg Waleli's GSM-Doorbell allows you to remotely open your door/gate/etc. using your mobile phone. [via mobile|blog.it]

You can talk to a visitor at your front door through your mobile phone and even let them in remotely with your mobile phone.

How does it work? The system is build up of 4 parts:

1. An intercom
2. The GSM-doorbell
3. An electronic lock
4. A simcard for the GSM-doorbell

Ring the doorbell (intercom); the intercom signals the GSM-doorbell. The GSM-doorbell rings the number that is displayed. The occupant answers the call and is able to speak to the visitor. By entering a pincode on their mobile phone the occupant is able to open the door.

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