September 21, 2006

Motorola unveils "Instantmoto": cellphone 'vending machines'

banner.jpg Consumers needing a cellphone or accessories on the run have a new option now that Motorola has rolled out a series of what the company calls "robotic stores." USA Today reports.

"The vending machine-like stores, run by Zoom Systems and unveiled Wednesday will carry about 30 products, initially including 12 phones and 18 accessories, said Bob Many, Motorola's director of automated retailing.

The "Instantmoto" will go into 20 malls and airports nationwide as part of a pilot program. Chicago has three outlets operating, including one in the Macy's store downtown.

... Unlike vending machines, however, they don't drop the products from their racks. Instead, the products are gently delivered to consumers by a robotic arm.


-- Cell Phone and iPod vending machines

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