September 20, 2006

Jail dog sniffs out illicit phones

_42102358_dog203.jpg Phones smuggled into jails is a problem worldwide - this blog has an entire chapter devoted to Inmates and cell phones stories - as thanks to cell phones, convicts are able to stay in touch with the outside world and continue business as usual, running rackets, directing drug cartels, even ordering executions from behind bars.

They are smuggled into jails in the most imaginative ways and have been found in toads, mayonnaise jars, in compost piles, a prisoner's bowels, the soles of their shoes, inside hollowed-out blocks of cheese, or alarmingly and more commonly, through a corrupt correctional officer.

Now, it seems the UK may have come up with the perfect solution for detecting them. A sniffer dog, according to The Times..

A sniffer dog has become the first in Britain to be trained to search out mobile phones in jails. Murphy, a 15-month-old English springer spaniel, undertook his first trial at Norwich prison yesterday.

According to the BBC , Mel Barker, the dog trainer at Norwich Prison, said: "Every mobile phone has a scent which is unique to mobile phones. .

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