August 22, 2006

Afghanistan appears dangerous place to use a mobile phone

burkcep.gif Is Afghanistan the world´s most dangerous place to use a mobile phone? A recent report in the Independent on Sunday, suggests it is, according to The Inquirer.

"An Afghan describes the dangers of passing through Taliban checkpoints on the road to Kandahar. He said that mobile phones are checked and often any suspicious number stored on the mobile phone, will be dialed by the Taliban.

If a voice answers the phone in English, reports Besmillah, the Taliban immediately kill the phone's owner."

Irak must come in a close second, according to a July article in TIME magazine, entitled In Iraq, having the wrong ringtone can get you killed - TIME described how Iraqis are changing their identities to survive — and why just having the wrong first name, the wrong accent, praying a certain way or having the wrong political ringtone - can get one killed."

Picture from virgilioweb.

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