August 21, 2006

Don’t tell a lie on your mobile phone

Another lie detecting technology scheme for cell phones, to help lovers find out if feelings are true. From KTF. Telecoms Korea reports.

"Korean mobile opeprator KTF is launching a "hierarchical voice leading analysis service in association with Seoul based start-up EGTEK."

According to KTF, "the technology was used by the Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD and this is the first time that the anti-terrorism technology was applied to mobile entertainment service. " This must be another version of a similar service luanched in 2004 (?) because it reads just like it:

"The “Love Detector” service analyzes the voice of caller and informs users of the level of affection in the voice. After ending the phone conversation, the user is informed by MMS of how much the other enjoyed, focused or got embarrassed during the conversation.

“Truth in Calls” service lets users know whether the other is telling a lie. Users also receive the results of trust level and stress level of the person he or she talked to on the phone. "

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-- Mobile phones as lie detectors - KTF, a Korean wireless service provider, launched a service in August of this year, that detects emotions in a speaker's voice.

-- Nokia smartphones as lie detectors - A new application from for smartphones such as the Nokia 7650, 3650 and 6600, turns these into portable lie detectors. The company behind it says it's for entertaiment purposes only

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