August 18, 2006

GlucoPhone: A Cellphone for Diabetics

product_phone-1.gif Spotted on Gizmodo, a special cell phone for diabetics, by Healthpia America.

The HealthPia Diabetes Phone manages blood sugar levels, retrieving test results and setting the target level, providing SMS services as needed. Even manage your meal plans.

Other ways to monitor diabetes with a cell phone:

-- Blood glucose testing accessory for mobile phone - IOL reports on a patent pending idea that is a blood glucose testing accessory for mobile phones. This idea is a blood glucose-testing device that is plugged into the auxiliary port of a conventional mobile phone.

-- Mobile phones have already been used to offer support to diabetics, reminding them to attend clinics. cf Mobile phones to replace doctors in NHS review

-- To facilitate transmission of glucose information between patients and physicians, France Telecom uses the Orange GSM cellular network to send data to a secure server that contains patient files. Physicians are thus able to easily check the files and send appropriate medical advice to individual patients via SMS text messages. cf Gluconet monitors diabetes by Text messaging

-- HealthPia America, a telemedicine company, is working on a cellphone that has built-in biosensors. A diabetic simply has to prick their finger to get a blood sample that is applied to a standard test strip. The patient inserts the strip into the phone, which reads it and sends the data to a doctor or parent." cf Cellphone May Be Lifeline for the Sick

-- Danish doctors are developing a smart bandage to monitor wounds as they heal. Created for diabetics, the bandage would be studded with tiny sensors and send data to clinicians via the net. With a mobile phone connected to the intelligent bandage, the patient could go on holiday to another continent and still be monitored. cf Smart bandage to help diabetics

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