August 13, 2006

Terrorists or simply cell phone thieves?

arab_racial_profiling_news.jpg Three Texas men were arraigned Saturday on terrorism-related charges after police found about 1,000 cell phones in their minivan, reports the AP.

"The men were stopped before dawn Friday after they purchased 80 cell phones from a Wal-Mart store in Caro. Police said they found about 1,000 cell phones in their minivan.

The Dearborn men, Ali Houssaiky and Osama Abulhassan, both 20, have been charged with two felonies -- money laundering in support of terrorism and soliciting or providing support for acts of terrorism -- and misdemeanor falsification. A preliminary hearing on the felony counts was set for Tuesday.

Defense lawyers said Houssaiky and Abulhassan planned to resell the phones simply to make money. They say the men were targeted only because they are of Arab descent."


-- USA: Phone Sales Tip Feds to Terror 'Cells' - In January 2006, ABC News reported that law enforcement officials were investigating at least two mass purchases of disposable cell phones, devices often used by terrorists, by individuals from the Middle East and Pakistan.

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