July 28, 2006

Patent for Safe In Flight calling

inflightfoning.gif ASiQ Pty Ltd has applied for a patent for a new concept that allows cell phones to be operated in-flight, without interfering with the aircraft's avionics and the ground networks and eliminates the problem of annoying voice calls. [Seattle Busienss Wire press release.

"The ASiQ unit is attached to the cell phone via a standard Bluetooth or cable connection. What makes the invention unique is that it is designed to work with all cell phone networks, GSM, CDMA, UMTS and EDGE.

The unit communicates via the existing certified aviation communications networks and reduces data delivery cost as it does not rely on the cellular roaming network for transmission. The unit will be inexpensive and is designed to comply with aviation standards. As the cell phone cannot transmit on its normal frequencies it also addresses the approval and safety concerns.

The benefit to the airline is their passengers will have cell phone access to a low cost data service, without the airline having to install and certify expensive and complicated Pico Cell equipment. For the cabin crew the concerns of privacy will also be addressed."

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