July 6, 2006

Chinese Communist parts sends out MMS propaganda for birthday celebration

party_girl.gif In what I believe is a first for a political party, the Chinese Communist Party sent out a propoganda MMS animation as part of its 85th anniversary celebrations.

The little pigtailed girl pictured here bounces up and down to a tinny tune that seems to be a rendition of Enter the New Era, the Deng era propaganda classic about reform and opening up.

The lo-tech animation is accompanied by a litle text that uses the name of various songs such as The East is Red to form a poem wishing the Party a happy 85th birthday, and you a happy weekend.

Some of the lyrics:

Singing The East is Red, we get ourselves together and stand up
It's spring time, we're reforming and opening up
And we're gonna get rich!

[danwei via notes from somewhere bizarre]

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