July 5, 2006

Another Spy Phone

spyphones.jpg Yet another Spy Phone. This one looks and operates like a normal phone... But when you call the phone from one special number programmed in the phone the spy phone will be turned into a sophisticated bugging device, allowing you to hear what is going on in the vicinity of the phone. [via Digg]

The spy phone works like a normal mobile phone and so shows nothing suspicious or unusual to the user. But when called using the special access number the phone answers but does not ring, light up, bleep or anything else. Even the display freezes.

When a key is touched the Spyphone automatically breaks the connection to prevent suspicioun. The phone appears normal and in standby mode. However you can be listening in to everything what’s happening and being said in that room or around the target person. You can access the phone from anywhere in the world with no range limitations, just dial in and listen.

Other spy phones:

-- Spy Safetyphone The spyphone gives you the opportunity to eavesdrop and listen on a distance. You leave the mobile phone behind somewhere, leave that place and you get a message when there is any movement detected by the phone.

-- Nokia Spy Phone French distributor Spy-Phone is offering two Nokia Spy Phones, normal mobile phones that can be called and it silently activate themselves (the link to the Spy phone has been disabled).

-- Turning Mobile Phones Into Eavesdropping Devices - Special chips can turn cell phones into "spy phones" or eavesdropping devices that can secretly and suddenly turn into microphones.

-- Spy Cellphones - How cell phones have turned out to be a very powerful tool for the modern spy.

-- Covert Mobile Phones - Mobiles that double as listening devices can be bought over the internet.

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