June 12, 2006

New Blogging and Conferencing Trend. Less is more

confblog.jpeg There have been a series of articles lately on basically how "less is more" with regard to blogging and of all things, conference organizing - events which notoriously take so much effort to pull through smoothly. Interesting trends.

On Blogging

-- Why Blog Post Frequency Does Not Matter Anymore - Daily posts are a legacy of a Web 1.0 mindset and early Web 2.0 days (meaning 12 months ago!). The pressure around posting frequency will ultimately become a significant barrier to the maturity of blogging. Here are 10 reasons why.

-- The noisy tragedy of the blog commons (Seth Godin) - Frequent posting is actually starting to have a negative impact on loyalty: Seth Godin (a frequent blogger) has a very interesting theory. - RSS fatigue is already setting in. With too many posts, you run the risk of losing loyal readers, overwhelmed by the clutter you generate. Readers will start to tune off if your blog takes up too much of their time.

On Conferencing

-- Why "unconferences" are fun conferences - "Unconferences" - meetings organized on the Web and on the fly - are becoming the no-b.s. alternative to industry gabfests, Business 2.0 Magazine reports.

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