June 9, 2006

Eight-year-old texter has repetitive strain injury

taylortext280606_228x171.jpg An eight-year-old girl in England has been diagnosed with repetitive strain injury after texting too much, reports the Daily Mail, in what must be the youngest case recorded.

"Isabelle Taylor sends so many messaged to her friends every day she has damaged her wrist and hands as a result.

The condition is more common than you would think, according to chiropractor, Dr David Cosgrove, who is treating Isabelle for her injuries.

"I reckon I see two cases a month. A lot of youngsters who play their Playstations or use their phones a lot can suffer inflammation which can be quite painful in the upper arms and wrists. Many times the pains are put down to growing pains when actually there is something else causing it."

Last night Isabelle vowed to continue texting her friends and says without it her social life would be hampered."

[via SMS Text News]

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