June 4, 2006

Cell phone-activated car starter

According to the Glens Falls, NY, Post*Star, Sarah Dodge, an 18-year-old senior at Saratoga Springs High School, has "a federal patent pending for a cell phone-activated car starter. By punching in a three-digit command, the vehicle responds by revving up - even from afar.

Dodge has even programmed the car to call her back to let her know the engine is running.

The device, she said, could also be programmed to include security codes, to lock and unlock doors and to activate and deactivate a security system, among other features -- on any vehicle, domestic or foreign."

This last part made me wary, as unlocking a car door by cell phone - up until now at least - has been a well known hoax on the Internet. But the above story seems on the level. Dodge and her family went through a patent attorney Gerow Brill, to file a provisional patent application for Sarah's project with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Va. ". Though I can't find the patent application online, Gerow Brill is definitely a registered patent attorney.

Related, sort of :

-- Motorola launching Wireless Wheels cellphone-controlled (toy) cars - Motorola just got FCC approval today for their "Wireless Wheels" remote controlled cars, developed in cooperation with Chinese toy maker Nikko.

-- Cellphone Operated Remote Control Car - The Wireless Wheels remote control toy car can be controlled by certain Motorola iDEN handsets.

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