April 27, 2006

Copperfield Makes Cell Phone Disappear, Avoids Robbery

copperfield-tm.jpg Master illusionist David Copperfield used the tools of his trade and a cell phone to avoid being robbed this Sunday after his show at a West Palm Beach performing arts center, reports Justin Oberman in mopocket.

... Four teenagers pulled up in a black car and demanded that he and his two female assistants hand over their belongings. His assistants gave money and their purses, but Copperfield refused to empty his pocket.

Copperfield says he turned his pockets inside out to reveal nothing in them, even though he was carrying his passport, wallet and cell phone. "Call it reverse pick-pocketing," Copperfield told Palm Beach Post for its Wednesday editions.

When the alleged robbers left in the car, Copperfield read the license plate number to an assistant while she called 911. The alleged teenage robbers were eventually caught and all belongings returned to the assistants.

Justin suggests "this is one trick that Mr Copperfield should share with the rest of us, as a public service".

PS. I have thing for David Copperfield. This will definitely be my favorite story for a long while.

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