March 18, 2006

Museums Begin Offering Cell Phone Tours

guidebycell.jpg Museums across the country, once averse to noisy cell phones, are suddenly encouraging their use, reports the Associated Press.

"In the past year, about a dozen art institutions including museums in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Calif., Tacoma, Wash., Minneapolis and Greenwich, Conn. have begun offering cell phone tours, mostly for free. Dozens more are in the process of implementing the service.

... One reason for the surge is the emergence of companies such as Guide by Cell of San Francisco, Ashburn, Va.-based Spacial AdventuresMuseum411, which run computer servers and phone systems so museums don't have to.

Using the museum services is as easy as dialing a number and selecting the code that corresponds to the artwork a visitor is viewing. While each museum's system is different, visitors generally can stay on the same call throughout the tour and switch from one exhibit to the next by entering different numbers into their phones, similar to the way callers navigate a voice mail system."


-- San Jose art museum to offer guided tours over cell phones

-- Links to walking city tours

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