March 14, 2006

SMS bigger than movies, video and software

This is wild if it's true.

Total SMS revenues in 2005 were about 75 Billion USD which is much more than Hollywood box office.

Videogaming, consoles and all software. SMS is a 90% profit business. [via javablogs via OpenGardens]

Update Wednesday. My friend Philippe Mottaz over at NanoTV sent me this interesting link from Wikipedia - as it is often written that the video gaming industry is larger than Hollywood (it's not).

Once a niche market and considered by some as a curiosity in the mid-1970s, the video game industry took in about USD$31 billion worldwide in 2004.

Contrary to the popular belief, the video game industry is not bigger than Hollywood. The US film industry as a whole made about $44 billion in the same year, and the worldwide film industry is worth an estimated $200 billion per year.

Game industry figures also include the sales of hardware, which skews the data favorably in popular comparisons, but in fact software sales account for less than 20 billion dollars per year worldwide, showing the game industry is about 10-12% of the size and worth of the film industry.

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