March 8, 2006

Java Phones Help Romance When Overseas

8533.gif Mobile phone software company LingoPal has launched a series of applications for java-enabled mobile phones to help travellers communicate while in a foreign country." Cellular News reports.

"Initially available in seven European languages, the software employs high-quality audio recordings of foreign phrases, accurately pronounced by native speakers, which play across the phone's loudspeaker.

"... The LingoPal Voyage is aimed at the general traveller, and includes the most-needed phrases used when visiting a foreign country

... LingoPal Flirta helps you hook up." Like the Voyage, Flirta is divided into sub-directories of likely scenarios, including At a Bar, On the Beach and Compliments.

One feature of which Johnson is most proud is the Reverse Translations sub-directory, which assists two-way conversation between the couple."

Other mobile translation services:

-- Business Translator for cell phones - Player X and CNN Mobile release CNN Business Translator phrase guides for mobile phones on Orange in the UK.

-- Text Messaging Gets a Translator - A New York City startup called Transclick rolls out software that translates e-mail and text messages with just one click.

-- TOMP (Translation On Mobile Phones) - No registration nor additional software is required to access the TOMP service, and it will work on any phone that is subscribed to a UK network provider, even when roaming abroad.

-- Free phones aid tourists lost in translation - The Kyoto prefectural government will launch a project in December to lend 500 mobile phones with language-translation and road-navigation functions to foreign visitors.

-- English-Arabic translations via SMS - Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) today announced the launch of the new Tarjim service, which allows mobile users to receive translations between Arabic and English of words or phrases

-- SMS translator - A computerized SMS translation service called TransClick, provides quick and accurate translations between most major languages.

-- SMS translation service for travelers launched - The Dutch motoring organisation ANWB, and Van Dale, a prominent dictionary publisher, have launched an SMS-based service that translates between French, German, English, Spanish, and Dutch.

-- My Taylor is Rich: Translation cell phone - A groundbreaking cell phone that automatically translates the speaker's language from Japanese to English and vice versa could be on the market by 2007.

-- - Lingophone allows mobile users to translate English text into numerous European languages while on the move.

Phones to Serve as Doctor, Translator - Samsung Electronics looks to transform fourth generation (4G) phones into interpreters and portable doctors.

Ttext2insure translation service - Promises to translate a number of key words and phrases and text them to individual's handsets in a matter of seconds.

LG Telecom mobile translation service in Korean, English and Japanese. - The service offers fifty thousand frequently used English expressions, such as “Thanks for sparing your precious time for me” so that users can improve their English proficiency

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