March 3, 2006

The Carnival of the Mobilists

venice-carnival-2003.jpg It's my pleasure to host the 17th edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists. All interesting posts from 12 contributors this week, but my two favorites, predictably are on the lighter side, and maybe unexpectedly, highlight some of the inconveniences related to mobile phones.

First Daniel Taylor from Mobile Enterprise points to a study concluding that Americans work more, yet accomplish less because they are bombarded with e-mail, cell phone calls and voice mails. Nothing new here, but apparently, Americans use mobile e-mail to make up for their lowered productivity when they're in the office. So they are not checking for the friends messages, or making dinner dates. They are working. One a personal note, I've sidestepped this problem altogether, by never checking my email on my cell phone.

And Xen Dolev in Xellular Identity by Xen, brings up the often neglected question related to videophones. Do we really want people to see what we look like, at all times? Not to mention seeing someone answering his phone by the pool - when he's supposed to be in the office.

On a more serious note, Thomas Landspurg on his blog TomSoft writes about the benefits of Fragmentation, usually considered as the worst thing that could happen in this industry for instance if big companies use is as a tools to break standardisatio, not as a tool to promote innovation.

Russel Buckley on MobHappy shares his thoughts on how different generations view the mobile phone.

Justing Oberman on mopocket writes about writes about Phone Fusion, a telephony service offering a Unified Communication service thats allows for managing all of incoming calls "like a virtual secretary" no matter what type of phone line (cell phones, land lines, VoIP lines and even faxes).

Rudy de Waele for m-trends writes that this economy is going to be accessible soon from our mobile phones - in fact... it's already happening.

Troy Norcross for Mobile Marketing and Spam doubts that mobile search is really the next great frontier.

Stuart Mudie on announces the first Carnival of Blog Translation and refers to a post from an excellent Spanish blog on "mobiles, mobility and the mobile lifestyle",

Wap Review gives us a closer look at the mobile version of Google News launched this week and how not only is it good for users but also benefits the mobile web as a whole, as the stories on mobile Google News are all from mobile sites.

Vangorrila for The Pondering Primate thinks there will be more Internet traffic over mobile devices than PCs.

Enrique Ortiz on his Mobility Weblog writes about BlueCasting which is pushing unsolicited information to Bluetooth devices and offers some advice beyond industry guidelines.

Judy Breck for Golden Swamp looks into Nokia's practical instruction for scalable graphics.

Jin Downing for Smart Mobs reports on how a candidate in the presidential Finnish elections, used a cellular phone reader application very successfully to deliver his campaign information.

My contribution, published this week on on Picturephoning refers to Justin Oberman's genius idea of setting up several new FLICKR groups all related to mobile technology. How people use their camera phones for ubiquitous purposes. Pictures of people talking their cell phones. Pictures of people or organizations using mobile phones for social activism. And last but not least,for fellow mobilists Justin created the "mobilists" FLICKR group which will document the wanderings and visual musing of mobile bloggers from around the world.

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