February 15, 2006

"Parapsychological" Mobile Interactive TV App

detector.gif I initially picked up on the Ghost Detector on Pasta and Vinegar, Nicolas Nova mentions it as one of his favorite projects from the Mobilist gathering at 3GSM. And searching further, I found a good article from itvt.

"A mobile content company called Wiretown has developed an unusual mobile TV app for the latest season of tv show, "Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns ."

It's built on existing mobile phone technology, as well as "current parapsychological theory": Technology within mobile phonesbeing used to detect subtle electrical changes around the user that some experts say are associated with paranormal activity.

"In other words, the phone will become a 'paranormal detector' and provide the viewer with a unique and engaging way to interact in real time with the show."

Interesting, just yesterday I received an e-mail about a Paranormal message received on a Sony Ericsson cell phone .

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