February 4, 2006

SMS teens losing precious sleep

School students, particularly female students who are "the most eager to text", are chronically sleep deprived and not concentrating in classs because of late night texting, according to education expert and clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller from Australia, reports The Age.

"Mr Fuller, who is conducting school-based research on the sleeping habits of students, found sleep was most elusive for female students because they were typically the most eager SMS users.

Mr Fuller, who is soon to release his latest book, Tricky Kids, recommended banning mobile phones from bedrooms."

Relates studies:

-- Teens face mobile stress (Sweden)

-- Students lack sleep (Japanese study)

-- Mobile phones and video games 'are depriving children of sleep' (Belgian study)

-- SMS causes poor sleep (Belgian study)

-- Children text at night instead of sleeping (Australian study)

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