February 2, 2006

`Can you read me now?'

154_teenageshopper.jpg Good article from the Beacon Journal on how teen retailers are using text messaging in promotions. [via Ypulse]

"From the trendy Wet Seal to the mainline Macy's, merchants are experimenting with text promotions to engage shoppers.

Vanity, a clothing store chain for teenage girls, put on two promotions last fall that involved text messaging by customers. In October, Vanity customers were given a special code to text message their favorite member of All American Rejects, a band with a new CD titled Dirty Little Secrets on Universal Records. Band members would then text back a secret about themselves.

Journeys, a teen-oriented shoe chain, held similar promotions in October, inviting shoppers to download free ringtones from the featured band Fallout Boy using a special code. Customers could also text in a code to enter a contest to win a Toyota Scion and mall gift cards."

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