January 20, 2006

Half the World will use a Mobile Phone by 2009

digidivide.gif Half the world has never made a phone call was a favorite and wideley spread statistic, quoted by the likes of Vice President Al Gore, Kofi Annan and Carly Fiona among many others in the late nineties and even over in the 2000s - because it so perfectly illustrated the wideness of the digital divide between the Western world and developing nations.

It turns out it was true, half the world had never made a phone call, but in 1994. And these words were pronounced by MCI executive Greg LeVert's, while giving a speech at TeleCon 94 in Toronto. It was no longer true as of 1996 - due to the growth of telecoms. (cf Wired)

I bring this up today because a new market study brought it to mind. By Portio Research and wrtiten up in Cellular News claiming half the world will use a mobile phone by 2009.

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