January 17, 2006

BarTalk SmokeScreen

smokscreen.jpg BarTalk is a cutting-edge entertainment installation for bar, club, or businesses. This social software allows participants to send text messages and photos from their cell phones to big-screen displays in establishments.

BarTalk made its debut at Rbar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with a custom application called SmokeScreen . SmokeScreen was designed to create a social interface between smokers and non-smokers.

With the ban on smoking in bars in New York City, smokers are forced out onto the street to have a cigarette, separated from their non-smoking friends. SmokeScreen attempts to expand the social network of the bar beyond its walls to include smokers located outside of the establishment. The installation consists of the use of two projection surfaces, one inside and one outside of the bar, which will display photo and text messages from the participants, thus facilitating an ongoing dialogue that is location-independent.

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