November 27, 2005

3G industry optimistic for 2006

_41058358_3g_phone_ap_203.jpg At the largest annual mobile wireless exhibition in Asia, in Hong Kong, Stephen Cole assesses the mobile phones vying for our attention in 2006 for the BBC, and finds that many see a turning point on the horizon.

"... Despite all the fancy offerings, it turns out that most people use their phones to make telephone calls and send the occasional text. ... But new upgrades to networks such as HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and EV-DO (Evolution, Data Optimised) could spark a change in 2006.

We will not know it is happening, but these upgrades will mean we can download data from one place to another at between two and three times the speed. This makes large files like music or video a far more attractive proposition.

... Internet telephony, or IP calling, promises to help bring down the cost of calling next year, with wi-fi in the home and office likely to lead to landline rates on our mobiles while inside these hotspots".

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