October 28, 2005

SMS in USA grows 106% in a year

Mobile messaging revenue in the USA increased by 106% in 2004 and is expected to continue to grow strongly over the next five years from its current low base, according to a new report, The US Mobile Market: trends and forecasts 2005-≠2010, published by Analysys

"In 2004, mobile data accounted for just 4.8% of operatorsí total mobile services revenue in the USA, compared to 15.9% in Western Europe and 22.0% in Japan. A key reason for this was the relatively low usage by US subscribers of SMS and other messaging services.

In 2004, according to Analysys estimates, the average US subscriber increased usage of SMS by 50%.

... By 2008, mobile messaging alone will account for 10% (USD16.4 billion) of operatorsí total mobile services revenue". [via net4now.com]

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