October 27, 2005

Email and text drives families apart

oxfordstreet.gif Britons are communicating more frequently than ever, but many feel that the rise of text-based digital services has made communication with friends and family less personal, according to a new survey, reports Netimperative.

... "Despite mobile phones and the internet, nearly 50% of people felt that they have less time to keep in touch with friends and family now than in the past. Neil Armstrong, head of marketing at PlusNet, said: “When you’re busy, it’s tempting to send an email or text, rather than pick up the phone.

Other communication trends revealed by the PlusNet research included a high proportion of people resorting to using email, text and IM in situations where they are trying to avoid confrontation or find communication uneasy_

-- Two-fifths (40%) of respondents found new technologies less confrontational and used them to flirt (27%), apologise for missed birthdays (22%), and to inform their employers about being sick (19%)."

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