October 21, 2005

The Nano Phone

mobile_small.jpg It is a concept of a mobile phone designed by Roman Kriheli, based on the most modern technologies. The entire face surface of this phone is a colour sensor display 4.2 in. in diagonal (a TFT-matrix of 700 times; 266 pixels) protected with a 2-mm transparent plastic shield.

Buttons appearing on the display are 13 in diameter. They are convenient to press with a finger. Besides the virtual controls, the telephone is equipped with a joystick. The standard position of the phone is vertical, but it can be turned horizontally when watching video. The joystick and the on/off button are of metal. The loudspeaker is located immediately between the sensor surface and the display.

A fuel cell-based battery feeds the telephone with electricity. The battery is charged by a wireless means: the phone should just be laid on a special pad connected to the electricity supply network (the SplashPower technology).

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