August 24, 2005

Misrepresentation of cameraphone science in CSI Miami

csimiami.jpg A contributor to CSI forum Talk CSI, complains about an episode of CSI Miami, entitled Under the Influence, where an enhanced image related to a camphone shot was depicted incorrectly. He writes:

"In the latest episode of CSI Miami to air here in the UK, "Under the influence", we have a mobile phone camera taking a picture of a couple, from which they are able to get a decent picture of the suspect from the reflection in someone's eye.

Now my knowledge of mobile phones with cameras may not be that great, but as far as I am aware, they do not have the resolution to take such an image. The information would not be there, just large squares as the image is pixilated."

Hey, it's still the movies or it could have been accurate if they were usaing a Korean 7 meagapixel cameraphone! But what's so interesting, and what has come up before in this column - via Engadget's watchful eye, is how with it, CSI writers are. They have previously worked in episodes, such current fads as "toothing" and flashmobs.

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