July 21, 2005


buddyping.jpg buddyPing provides a mobile location platform for you to find your friends when you are out and about, as well as a location based events calendar that will notify you when something great is happening in your local area. All from your mobile phone.

In their own words:

If you're out on the town and want to find your friends, use buddyPing and your mobile phone (or the internet) to broadcast your whereabouts and to receive notification of your friends in the same area.

Just log into buddyPing (either via text message or using the "Your Location" feature once you have logged in via the web site) and we will scan your designated local area for friends and notify you of their location. We'll also notify them of your location so all your friends can find out what you're up to and where they can join you. This all happens in real time, and will continue until you logout of buddyPing.

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