July 8, 2005

Contactless recharging from DoCoMo

acontca.jpgNTT DoCoMo and Panasonic have experimented a contactless recharging system that allows to recharge a FOMA phone by simply placing it on a recharging pad.

The system uses electromagnetic induction to send recharging electricity to the battery. Contactless electricity delivery is made through a pad that has a coil for transmission, and a reception coil inside the handset.

"[The technology] can be supported by just changing some of electric wiring and the battery cover" (DoCoMo). However, it took 120 minutes to charge the battery of the P900i using this system. This is about 33% more than current charging methods.

Since the connection is contactless, the system is waterproof and minimizes space usage, and can be used on any shape of handset.

DoCoMo have absolutely not idea when the system will become commercialized.

(via TechJapan)

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