June 2, 2005

Cutting the Phone Cord Isn't as Popular as Once Predicted

500sets.jpg While the number of wireless-only households is increasing -- close to 6% of all U.S. homes at the end of last year, according to Forrester Research Inc. -- the trend isn't accelerating as quickly as many experts predicted. And some consumers are reconsidering their decision to go wireless and are reconnecting to a landline. The WSJ reports.

Consumers cite a variety of reasons for needing a fixed line:

-- Poor cellular coverage

-- The sense of security a home line provides and the fact that many people still rely on landlines for Internet service.

-- Local landline service is also cheap enough

-- Some people are also reluctant to cut the cord because there are no directories for cellular numbers and they want business contacts or long-lost friends to be able to find them.

About 820,000 people did make the move through the end of last year, according to the FCC, but that was only a fraction of what was predicted.

Picture from The Telephone Musem

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