May 31, 2005

Brain wave sensor system taps Bluetooth marshaled for mind readers

image_01.jpg NeuroSky, wants to get into your head. By fusing brain wave recognition algorithms with a sensor chip and dry electrode, NeuroSky hopes to simplify cell phone-based applications that today require error-prone human input, as well as revolutionize applications from gaming to medical diagnostics and therapy, reports CommsDesign.

"Five companies, including a Bluetooth headset provider, game console maker and trucking company, are said to have signed up to market end-user products containing NeuroSky's chips. Its biggest customer thus far is Ziyitong Technology Co. Ltd. (China Mobile), which has more than 100 million cell phone subscribers, 13 million of whom have high-speed 3G service".

Ziyitong already offers a suite of mobile gaming applications. With NeuroSky-enabled headsets, Yang said, the provider could market its games as "good for kids" because they make gaming proactive. "Our sensor can train users to concentrate, plus it requires them to become proactive in their gaming skills. This transfers over to making them more outgoing in their social lives," he said.

Ziyitong also offers an online dating service. Users must answer a long list of questions from which their profile is generated. The catch is that users aren't always truthful. "But on a cell phone equipped with a headset using our sensor, the content provider could just flash images that represent the questions, and our sensor would record users' reactions," said Yang. "You cannot lie with your brain waves."

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